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Reflection From the Heart

Every time I visit the Mieh W Mieh website I get home sick, even after all these years.


It is amazing how could someone leave his country yet ,his best memories remain  at Sahet El Birke, Timthal El Sidee, El Ashrafieyeh road, El Bayader.etc.....


Don't ever believe that immigrants can ever forget their home towns.
home is where the heart is.
home is where your memories live
home is where you experienced your first love.
home is where you had your first kiss.
home is where you feel the warmth in winter
and the cool breeze of the summer.
home is where you rest your tired body at
the end of a long  day.


Noel Francis
Chino Ca 91710 - September 2007
Mieh w Mieh

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